Mercer German Shepherds

Pemberton, New Jersey

Puppy Page

Linda's granddaughter Rylee and puppies.

Kids and puppies.... like peas and carrots.

Mercer German Shepherd's have been providing beautiful, dependable companions for families for over 22  years. Please take some time to view our puppy gallery to see some of the  puppies we have produced. All of our puppies come with an extensive health  guarantee, pedigree, AKC registration paperwork and a whole lot of love and lifetime support. To find out about available litters or available older puppies and adults please e-mail
check out available page or call.

Past litters

Ripley and Charm puppies, pictured at four weeks. Beautiful solid blacks, dark/black sables and black and tans. This litter produced the young puppy seen in I Am Legend with Will Smith!

charm puppy0703
Ripley & Charm pups at 3 weeks

Ripley x Vina

Ripley and Vina puppies, these pups are half German, and just gorgeous. Pictures taken at four weeks.

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