Mercer German Shepherds

Pemberton, New Jersey

dallas head old

Mercer’s Lonestar v Diamond “K” OFA PennHip DNA major pointed

September 1995- August 2005

You Are There

Ten years ago, you were there
Your silly puppy antics live within our memories.

We moved across counties leaving all that was familiar behind
And you were there.

We renovated and beautified our new environment
And you were there.

Dawn grew up graduated and moved on through life
And you were there.

People came to see your puppies
and grand  puppies,

They marveled  in your glow and joy and admired you.
Of course, you were there.

We lost Lexus  and Tyler and Katie and Dante
And you were there.

We celebrated  the birth of grandchildren

Picked out decorations and painted Rylee’s room.
And you were there.

We went  through personal crisis, Daddy won his  battle
And you were there.

Dally, you were always there


But this morning, when we got up
You were not here.

Your bark  no longer sings
You are  not here.

The  puppies have no playmate

Riley  looks around
You are  not here.

Your bowl  remains empty

The house  remains quiet
You are  not here.

It’s behind all of our eyes
The  feeling of loss
The pain of knowing you are not nearby.

You will never nuzzle us with your muzzle
Never  alert us to strange noises in the night
Never  rejoice the new tumbling puppies
Never look into our eyes again

But Dallas, you  will never be gone
For you  were always in our hearts
And you  remain there still.
You are  there, forever.

For Linda and Butch in loving remembrance of a special friend......
~~Cherri Pursell


Dallas was our true foundation here at Mercer. A wonderful, fair and constant companion our hearts will always miss him. People visiting our home could not help but marvel at this wonderful ambassador to the breed. His dependable demeanor and his joyful puppy spirit always put a smile on your face and within your soul. We were proud to have been owned by this wonderful animal.  Dallas was also major pointed (9 points one major) and the only reason he did not receive his championship was because his Daddy loved him so much he just had to sneak him treats all the time (Judges don’t like to give points to chunky butts lol)  David Reinke would have completed Dally’s championship for him but alas...Dallas was too fat. Oh well, he was championship would have changed that as he will always be a champion to those who knew him. 

God’s speed Dilly Dally...see you at the bridge.


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Give me some sugar Grandpa’....

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