Mercer German Shepherds

Pemberton, New Jersey

Hi my name is Linda Filipkowski.
My daughter Dawn and I, started
Mercer German Shepherds
in the mid eighties with a male puppy my son brought home to us. A love affair began with that puppy that has grown into a wonderful stewardship and hobby.
 We found it a rewarding way for a mother and daughter to spend time together, it gave us a common interest which has blossomed into what
Mercer is today...

Copy of Lindadante

Linda and Mercerís Hocus Pocus
aka Danteí

My number one concern when planning a litter is health, without this important foundation anything else will fail.
We believe strongly in health testing our  breeding dogs here at Mercer to ensure our dogs are not only healthy themselves,  but that their progeny have the best chance of inheriting the best health for the future.

Temperament is an integral part of the GSD, our dogs here at  Mercer are our friends, they are our family. While you notice at this time there  are no performance titles on our dogs... that is but another quest on the horizon for Mercer GSDs,
Time is our enemy...
Raising the best GSDs you can  is an expensive venture and not a money earning activity..
therefore off to work we must go
Leaving little time at the moment to pursue all of our goals  at one time....

We present our dogs as stable, loving, intelligent companions with unrealized potential....
In the future ,with more time  resources,
 we wish to enjoy other activities
with our dogs.
A lack of  performance titles does not indicate a lack of
concern for intellect and  trainability here
at Mercer... as these are
important traits in our wonderful  breed.


Dawn and Mercerís Midnight Attraction
aka Katie


Dawn and Mercerís Lonestar v Diamond K aka Dallas

Health -- Temperament-- Intelligence-Trainability

These are  the things that make a GSD a pleasure to own and a great addition to your  family and community, here at Mercer they also come
in beautiful packages. By  that we mean a dog that has the correct conformation outlined
 in the breed  standard. The conformation that makes a GSD recognizable as a GSD, from the ear  set, to a "saber" tail, from "the look of eagles", to the breathtaking gait of a dog that moves with soundness, purpose and confidence. It  has been wonderful spending the time together that we have going to shows,  traveling, caring for the dogs and puppies...... very rewarding.


Dawn and Mercerís Midnight Attraction
aka Katie

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